A “small press gem.” -Sarah Murdoch, Toronto Star

“Greg Rhyno is a bit of a magician. He has the ability, through his finely crafted story, to transport you back to age 17, when you were teeming with hormones and angst, music was the only thing that mattered in life, and all you needed for a good time was a good mixed tape, a few dented cans of beer, and, of course, your friends. An engrossing and masterful debut, To Me You Seem Giant reads like a love letter: to the Canadian music scene, to the 1990s, and to the city of Thunder Bay.” -Amy Jones, author of We’re All In This Together

“Rhyno knows of what he writes: the fervor of indie rock adolescence, the convolutions of adulthood, and the heartache in plumbing the past. A poignant and truthful novel, delivered with grace and panache.” -Rob Benvie, author of Maintenance

“For a novel that’s a lot of fun, Rhyno’s book is ultimately kind of uncool. Uncool in a good way, though. In the end, it’s a love song to adulthood, about the journey from disorder to order, an acknowledgement that you can leave behind a lot of the bad of your youth and still bring all the good music with you.” -Andrew Hood,

To Me You Seem Giant is ultimately a touching and hopeful reminder of the need to confront the demons of your past in order to move on.” -Alexander Kosoris, The Walleye

“Rhyno is a skilled observer. He has a sharp ear for authentic teenage dialogue, capturing peer behaviour with painful accuracy but also with droll humour and sympathy . . . an engaging read and holds out great promise for what might follow.” -Michael Sobota, The Chronicle-Journal

“A brooding tenor – combined with a lifelong love for music that manifests itself in new ways as he ages – lends Pete’s character a believable continuity. This is abetted by chapter transitions that cleverly link past and present events . . .  [Rhyno shares]  a passion for music and its potential to define a period in someone’s life, or a life entirely.” -Becky Robertson, Quill & Quire

“Underneath the layers of rock and roll is a compelling tale of lost loves, backstabbing bandmates and wondering where it all went wrong.” -Steven Sandor, Avenue Edmonton

Greg Rhyno’s debut novel To Me You Seem Giant is available now from NeWest Press.  Order it today from your favourite independent bookstore or Indigo or Amazon.